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Telling meaningful
stories through
video & design

What do we mean by meaningful?

We specialize in finding just the right angle. Both visually and, not least, in terms of narrative. Because any story can be told in numerous ways. Heck, sometimes there’s two sides to the same story. But more importantly, people are different. Our job is to tailor your stories to the exact measurements of the people you want to talk to. What are their interests? What makes them smile or their hearts skip a beat? Making sense to the right audience - that’s basically what meaningful stories is all about.

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What are we exactly?
Besides idealistic.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A production company maybe? Perhaps a creative agency? Laban is a motley crew of talented people with backgrounds in TV and advertising. A dynamic team counting videographers, photographers, sound designers, graphic designers and motion graphics artists. We believe that the world is desperately in need of meaningful and relevant stories, rather than an endless retargeting-limbo. As Hegarty puts it (rephrased): "Stalking is a bad way of building relations". True that.

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How do you create a cohesive story about Danish coastal- and nature tourism with 18 widely different destinations? This is how!

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We also believe, that being nice is good business

Telling meaningful stories also means, that we take pride in working with people and brands, that believe in being nice. That doing good, and trying to change things for the better, is good business. So let's have a chat about being nice and promoting a better future.

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