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A video-driven campaign
on Danish gastronomy

Video & stills

Launching across entire Europe, this series of film on Danish gastronomy, or rather on Danish food culture, aims to get especially Germans to pay attention to the numerous gastronomic gems hiding in plane sight in the Danish cities and country side. And essentially get them to experience it themselves. Bon appetit!

The gems of Danish gastronomy

We set out to tell the stories of a few carefully selected and wonderfully passionate people. People growing things, brewing things or cooking things. The goal was to inspire people all over Europe to experience the Danish food scene themselves.

We wanted to show how time, culture and meticulous crafting were of the essence in creating these delicious Danish products. And secondly we wanted to show the beautiful setting and surroundings. All told in a cosy and humorous tone of voice - delivered by none other than actor (Sir) Brian Patterson. The campaign consist of nine stories (and counting), supporting content and stills. And all videos has been made in two versions: English and German.

Doing this campaign and being welcomed by all these amazing people all over Denmark - well, it has been an absolute joyride. Soon we'll be doing two more episodes. This time we're headed to the Danish west coast and to the island of Bornholm. Arrivederci!

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