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camping in the beautiful danish nature

Video & stills

Camping is cool. Especially in the midst of the beautiful Danish nature. VisitDenmark asked us to show, that "nothing puts you in touch with nature as camping in Denmark". Well, it turned out to be true. We went shooting at some of the most scenic and tranquil camping spots, that we could ever imagine. Our friends at VisitDenmark were thrilled with the result. As were we.

Nothing puts you in touch with nature as camping in Denmark

During the preliminary creative work, we had to consider two main audiences. Couples seeking contemplation and tranquility. And families on the lookout for activities. And the general creative proposition was, that "nothing puts you in touch with nature as camping in Denmark".

With only few exceptions, we decided to use real couples and families, to make it seem as authentic as possible. And during production, we instantly felt the difference.

Laban's guide to the best camping spots in Denmark

Yup, we're basically a living, breathing camping encyclopedia by now. So, do not hesitate asking for directions, if you're about to take off in your VW California. In the meantime, check out some of the stills from our nationwide camping trip below.

From storyboard to final result

We put a lot of work and effort into sketching and storyboarding ahead of production. We simply want to make sure, that we're creatively and visually on point. Oftentimes we experiment with different angles and croppings on set, but we usually end up pretty close to our initial idea. Here's a couple of examples.

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