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Interactive short film about the fashion industry

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Interactive video

"I en tynd tråd" (Hanging by a thread) is an interactive film and an educational website. Our goal is to inform about the massive downsides of fast fashion and the fashion industry in general. And not least to enable young people to make better and more sustainable choices, in terms of the clothes they’re wearing. The project is funded by Danida and LB Fonden.

Enabling young people to make better choices in terms of fashion

The fashion- and textile industry is one of the biggest culprits in terms of the environment and, not least, working conditions. In the endless pursuit to cut costs, the industry leaves a gigantic dirty mark on people as well as the planet. That’s sad. With "I en tynd tråd" (Hanging by a thread), we want to enable especially young people to make better and more sustainable choices, in terms of the clothes they’re wearing. 

Through the interactive short film and the additional website, we encourage people all over Denmark to try connecting the dots between our massive textile consumption and how it’s affecting especially people in e.g. India.

"I en tynd tråd" will be used for educational purposes in high schools and in lower secondary education. And, hopefully, it will spark an interest for "the bigger picture", in terms of fashion, in the general public.

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Have a go at the interactive experience or get inspired on how to be fashionable and sustainable, all at once, on the website.

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The UN's 17 sustainable development goals

The UNs 17 sustainable developments goals specifically addresses responsible production and consumption in goal 12. And to be frank, the textile industry is still massively violating those goals. The public awareness on the topic has increased over the last couple of years. And we’ve seen disruptive and innovative initiatives, improving the way we go about consuming and manufacturing garments and textiles. That’s really cool. Garments made from plastic bottles is a great example. Nevertheless there’s still a long way to go.

Recording in the Dharavi slum in the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak

At the very beginning of the corona outbreak, we found ourselves in Dharavi, Mumbai. One of the biggest slums in the world. With help from our two local production assistants, we had gained access to a small clothing manufacturer, situated right in the centre of the slum. And seen from the perspective of three blue-eyed boys, the working conditions were close to intolerable. But, as the process of making this film had made us realize up until this point, nothing is black and white. Not even the fashion industry.

Because regardless of the ramshackle facilities and a total lack of concern of working posture, people seemed surprisingly content. And they might have been, considering what they might know to be “the standard”. But still, the situation is far from ideal. And what we bore witness to, was only the tip of the iceberg. So someone (read: the fashion brands) has to present these people with a fair and responsible alternative. And for them to do so, our guess is, that we, as consumers, have to give the alarm and continuously put pressure on the industry.

Based on actual events

One of the key events in “I en tynd tråd”, is when the main character, Mathias”, finds a hidden message in his brand new t-shirt. And actually, there’s numerous examples of people finding small handwritten notes in their new clothes. In many cases containing a desperate cry for help, due to appalling conditions. The antagonist of the story, the imaginary fashion brand “Everyday Uniform”, was created from a melting pot of unflattering stories from the industry.

Inform vs. inspire

Right from the beginning of making this project, we were determined not only to create a bugaboo - a scare story. Heck, there’s enough stories out there, leaving you in a semi-apathetic state of mind. No, we wanted to inspire as well. And to give answer to, how we can achieve a more responsible consumption of fashion. Therefore, for one thing, we partnered up with some of the most inspiring Danish influencers in terms of sustainable fashion, who provided tips and tricks for a more sustainable wardrobe on the "I en tynd tråd" website.

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