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Stay home sessions during covid-19

Live streaming

The coronavirus has tirelessly distributed gut punches to businesses and cultural events all around the globe, leaving e.g. (musical) artists with a gaping hole in their tour calendars and the venues looking like something from a zombie blockbuster. So when our friends from SOUNDBOKS asked us to help them carry through their STAY HOME SESSIONS, bringing concerts to peoples homes, we jumped right on board.

25.000 people in Mads Langers living room

Saturday March 21 we went live from Mads Langers living room and approx. 25.000 people virtually attended the first STAY HOME SESSION. The livestream, which is now to be found in full length on Mads Langers YouTube channel, has gotten over 80.000 views during the last week.

If you have taken a blow to your event, concert, talk or anything in between, due to these unusual circumstances, we’d love to act as your life raft. With several years of experience in pulling of all kinds of broadcasting- and livestream gigs, we’re ready to help you “get out there”, while keeping you and your audience out of harms way. So don’t hesitate to reach out!

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