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10 steps to preventing cancer in denmark

Kræftens Bekæmpelse

For a couple of years, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, or the Danish Cancer Society, has organised an initiative called "10-kampen", encouraging the people of Denmark to stay healthy. Micki Cheng and Lene Beier lead the way through 10 different challenges over eight weeks. Here's a few highlights from 10-kampen 2020.

4 out of 10 cases of cancer can be prevented with only few adjustments to our daily lives

With only minor adjustments to our everyday lives, we can live healthier (and longer) and lessen the risk of getting cancer. That's what 10-kampen is all about. Micki Cheng and Lene Beier, both known from Danish television, show just how simple it can be, favoring health over habits. Our rather creating new and healthier habits. Simply put: you don't have to run a marathon! Throughout the episodes, Micki and Lene talk to several leading experts in different areas regarding especially physical health.

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